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Welcome to Zoomela, your online community bulletin board.
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And the best part… …you can choose to make your post seen by city, state, country, or the entire world or by certain miles radius from a zip code!
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What is Zoomela?
You’ve seen the leaflets:
  • Lost cat, reward, please call 123-555--4567
  • Couch for Sale: Make an offer 888-555-7777
  • Roommate needed: Non-smoker 456-555-9876
Grocery Store. Coffee Shop. Telephone Pole.

Zoomela takes the old-days of tear-off numbers into the 21st Century!

Remember the days when people used to post something on the community bulletin board. Someone lost a cat, or had a boat to sell. Yard sales, apartments for rent, houses for sale, or a 1992 Honda Civic with 250,000 miles—Excellent Condition! Just rip off that little piece of paper with a phone number, put it in your pocket and call them when you get home.

Now we have the internet, smartphones are pervasive, and you never really could find that piece of paper that you ripped off. But it was nice to know you could go to one place to post your stuff for others to find, see what other people had that you may want, or to just find out what going on. With Zoomela, the Community Bulletin Board is back for the 21st Century. You can buy, sell, find, meet or post whatever you like. Zoomela helps you keep track of all those little pieces of paper for the things you want, and informs you of who wants what you have.

You can easily save the posts of things you’re interested in, so it’s a breeze to find things later. Try that with other classified sites. Want to buy that mint ’pearl necklace, you can with Zoomela’s built in secure Shopping Cart. There’s a whole section of coupons businesses have posted, so check back often to find out what kind of deals you can get. Set up Alerts to be notified when that classic ‘66 Mustang that you’ve always wanted gets posted. Need something to do Friday night? Check the Zoomela Calendar and make some new friends.
With Zoomela, we make it easy to buy, sell, promote and keep up to date on what’s going on in your community and around the world.

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